We have realized a safe price and built up trust.

We also sell special products such as Ehime orange juice and soy sauce.

Drug Fujikawa Co., Ltd. operates "Kusuri no Mikan", which is sold online, centering on store-type drug stores. Rakuten, Yahoo !, Amazon, and au Pay Shop purchase a large number of products, and handle a wide range of products from pharmaceuticals to health foods. We also have local Ehime specialties, and we also sell Ehime orange juice, soy sauce, and miso. Not only is it popular in the region as a pharmacy in Uwajima City that realizes a safe price, but we also receive inquiries from all over the country. Because it is online, even elderly people can buy only what they need without having to go to the store.
Regarding pharmaceutical products, we provide a service where you can consult with us at any time in order to respond to comments such as "I don't know how to use it." We accept inquiries by phone or email.


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Drug Fujikawa Co., Ltd.

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19 Honmachi, Yoshida-cho, Uwajima City, Ehime Prefecture

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We strive to serve customers carefully so that customers can shop with peace of mind. We have warm staff who can feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our products. We will explain to you so that you can take it with confidence by reducing anxiety about side effects and effects. We are waiting for customers with abundant product development that can propose products that match their concerns.

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We will deliver the item immediately by same day shipping

It is recognized as a pharmacy in Uwajima City that has accumulated trust and achievements.

We deliver medicines and daily necessities from stores and ship them on the same day, so they are highly evaluated as a speedy online sales service. It is also sold by the largest online shopping industry such as Rakuten, Yahoo, and Amazon. We also offer loxonin, cold remedies, and even foundations, and you can get anything by order. Although Japan is aging rapidly in recent years, we are developing a service that can be completed on the Internet so that even those who cannot easily come to the store can use it with peace of mind.
We also have a large number of local specialties, including orange juice, related processed products, and soy sauce, among other local Ehime specialties. All products are delivered to all over the country, so of course even those who live outside Ehime prefecture can use it without hesitation. As another business, we also operate stores and deliver hygiene products to a wide variety of facilities in a community-based style. By achieving a safe price, we are proud of our high convenience and have built up trust and achievements.

You can get medicines and energizers at a reasonable price.

While operating a pharmacy in the local city of Uwajima, we also offer an online sales service, so you can purchase anything online. We accept inquiries from outside the prefecture for nationwide support, and we will ship the same day according to the content of the consultation. We handle a wide range of products, including pharmaceuticals, other energetic agents, eye drops, and foundations, so you can freely choose according to your needs. It also accepts credit card payments and sells a wide variety of products that are difficult to obtain at ordinary stores, so even those who cannot visit directly can feel at ease.
We are making efforts to support the realization of beauty and health of everyone while rooting in the community, and we are developing services that flexibly respond to the aging society. Not only pharmaceutical products, but also Ehime's specialty orange juice, soy sauce, miso, etc. are actively purchased, and you can purchase any of them at a safe price. Therefore, it is highly evaluated by customers who have experience of using it as "cheap and easy to use" and "reasonable and happy", and boasts a higher repeat rate than the online service started in 2013.